1980 - Preparation for a Regional Conference

Eileen Morris, 1980-1982 President, brought with her to these important pre-Conference years, all the enthusiasm she had shown as First Vice President. The first big event in 1980 was a Fork luncheon held on 14 August to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Chapter. The Chapter was honoured by the presence of both Patronesses, Her Excellency Dame Norma Holyoake, who performed the ceremony of cutting the Birthday Cake, and Mrs Takashi Oyamada, wife of the Ambassador of Japan. Special guests included H.E. Mr Takashi Oyamada, Mrs R.D. Muldoon and the Hon. D.C. Seath, former Ministers of Internal Affairs, who had been a guest speaker at the Chapter’s inaugural meeting. The President read a telegram of congratulation from the Hon. R.D. Muldoon, Prime Minister of New Zealand. Foundation President and Advisor to the Chapter, Ruth Scott, gave a brief history of the Chapter.

At the 13th Regional Conference, Wellington’s application to host the 14th was accepted and Ruth Scott was elected Conference Chairman at a special meeting held in December 1980.

The first and perhaps most ambitious of the many fundraising projects held during the pre-Conference years, was a Garden Party at Vogel House, the official residence of the Prime Minister, in February 1981.

If space permitted it would be good to be able to mention all those who, through the next two years, did so much – there was something on nearly every week! The Koryu teachers, for instance, held a series of workshops, three members produced a cookbook, “Desserts and Delights”, individual members gave demonstrations, talks, etc., and the diplomatic corps made their premises and homes available for a number of functions. One such function was a Coffee Morning at the Residence of the Ambassador of Japan, Mrs Oyamada, in March 1982 at which the Mayor of Wellington, Sir Michael Fowler, spoke on “Wellington”.

During this period, with the tremendous support given by the membership, a fine start was made towards the 1983 Conference.

For 1982-1984 Ngaire Williams, petite and dynamic, took over as President for the Conference years. Fundraising continued with great co-operation from diplomatic missions. One of Ngaire’s big fundraising functions was her delightful cocktail party at Nova Interiors, featuring tasteful arrangements displayed in a homelike atmosphere.

Another highlight of Ngaire’s term of office was a fundraising demonstration by Vivienne Pascoe, internationally known expert of the Sogetsu School and holder of the “KONAN” degree at that school. Her theme was “All the World’s a Stage”. At the close of the demonstration Vivienne’s famous actress sister, Pat Evison, read the relevant passage from Shakespeare’s “As you like it”. A truly memorable day!

During the whole of her term as President, Ngaire worked hard for the promotion of I.I., giving her full support to the Conference Chairman, Ruth Scott.