Ikebana Wellington

Friendship through flowers

Sogetsu Upcoming Events

On Sunday, August 12 at 2-4pm in Khandallah Town Hall, members will use paper with fresh material to create an ikebana arrangement. Adrianna will lead this workshop including origami/paper folding. Read more on Sogetsu  Upcoming Events page.


Learning Ikebana

Currently (2018)  five of our members are active Sogetsu teachers in the Wellington area. Each lesson costs: $20 per class and is of approximately 1-1 ½ hours long. Materials such as flowers and greenery are expected to be provided by the student unless special arrangements have been made with the tutor. Textbooks, containers and fixings cost extra.

For more details on times, fees and venues please
Contact us at   wgtn.ikebana@gmail.com

These members are fully certificated and hold classes regularly.

Elizabeth McMillan in Seatoun Ph 04 380 9545. Lesson fees are $20 each and are held on Mondays and Tuesdays. Elizabeth also holds a monthly class in Waikanae on the third Thursday afternoon of each month.

Satomi Takahashi in Seatoun Ph 04 388 8204. Satomi holds lessons on Fridays and Saturdays. Each lesson costs $15. Japanese and English spoken.

Helen Arranging
Helen Wareham in Oriental Parade Ph 04 970 9573 or Mob 021 201 8601. Helen holds lessons on Wednesday mornings. Each lesson costs $20.

Sandi's arrangement
Sandra Hurnard in Khandallah and Martinborough Ph 04 970 6809. Lessons cost $20 each and are held on Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

Kathy Kerry in Northland Ph 04 973 9065. Lessons cost $20 each and are held by arrangement to suit teacher and student.

I.I. Recent Activities

In January Sandi invited us to her house to be part of a very interesting demonstration of Saga Goryu School ikebana. Els Schnabel from Bremin in Germany was visiting her daughter in Wellington and offered to share her love of Saga Goryu arrangements with us. Thank you Els and Sandi. Read more in About Us.