Ikebana Wellington

Friendship through flowers

I.I. Recent Activities

Our AGM I.I. meeting was held on Thursday June 1 at Wadestown Presbyterian Church Hall at 10:30am. The future of our Chapter was discussed at length. 13 members attended the meeting and after a vote we were unable to elect a working committee to continue our Chapter. As a result we have now set up a small committee to set about closing the Chapter. This process is expected to take at least a year and maybe longer. Those involved in the process will keep members informed of progress and how the Chapter funds will be distributed. Read more in About Us.

Ikebana Upcoming Events

Ikebana Activity for the rest of 2017. Sogetsu is now the only active school in Wellington. The Sogetsu members meet on Sunday once a month from 2 – 4pm in the Khandallah Town Hall. They are very happy to welcome ex I.I. members to their workshops. They will also investigate the feasibility of holding some of their meetings midweek to cater for those who cannot attend at weekends. This will depend on the demand.  If you would genuinely like to be involved in midweek workshops and/or join Sogetsu please contact Helen Wareham by email at: warehams@paradise.net.nz Read more in About Us.




Sogetsu Upcoming Events

On Sunday 10 September at 2-4pm in Khandallah Town Hall, Helen will lead a workshop on “Spring Flowers for an Exhibition” as some of you will be exhibiting at the Treehouse, Wellington Botanic Gardens as part of the Spring Festival. Looking forward to seeing your seasonal arrangements. Read more on Sogetsu Upcoming Events page.