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2017 February – December


Our monthly meetings are held at the Khandallah Community Town Hall on the second Sunday in most months (2-4 pm).  Please be aware that you may have to drop your materials off at the Hall then move your car a short distance away.  Guests are most welcome. Enquires please to Helen Wareham at Phone: 970 9573 or
Sandra Hurnard at Phone: 970 6809


An annual fee of $25 is charged for associate members (i.e. members who do not pay annual fees to Head Quarters, Tokyo). A $10 fee is charged for each workshop attended to cover the rental costs of the hall and storage cupboard and to subsidise visiting tutor visits. STA members receive notices about STA events and may borrow Sogetsu books and magazines from the library at Khandallah Town Hall. In order to encourage formal qualification, our chapter also contributes to the cost of acquiring Grade certificates.

Check List of What to bring to Monthly Workshops

  1. $10 attendance fee
  2. Branch material
  3. Flowers
  4. Container
  5. Hasami
  6. Kenzan
  7. Water container – for cutting material
  8. Small watering can or Jug – for filling container
  9. Newspaper – for transporting arrangements home
  10. A small towel or cloth for wiping surfaces
  11. Plastic bag or container for cuttings
  12. Wire / pins if needed.
    We will take turns to provide a snack for afternoon tea (a packet of biscuits is perfectly suitable).
February 12 Sunday 2-4pm Khandallah Town Hall

We will have a container sale. Bring along any containers you would like to sell and buy some new containers. Please put the price on your containers. STA will take a 20% commission. Bring some flowers and arrange them in your new vase. Try Book 4, lesson 1 “Flowers only” or Book 4, lesson 4 “Only one kind of material”.


March 11 Saturday at 9.00 – 4.00pm Wadestown Presbyterian Church Hall

On 11 Saturday Sogetsu workshops will be held from 10 am to 1 pm in the Wadestown Presbyterian Hall, 34 Pitt St Wadestown. Sogetsu Teacher, Takako Martin is visiting from Auckland and will show members two lessons from the new Sogetsu Book 5 – copies will be available for $30. Please come early – hall open at 9am.

April 9 Sunday 2-4 pm Khandallah Town Hall

AGM followed by a workshop. Members will do a free style nageire arrangement for autumn using the fixtures Takako Martin showed us in the March workshops.

May 14  Saturday 2-4 pm Khandallah Town Hall

We will hold a workshop lead by Kathy Kerry. Kathy will demonstrate how to use colourful containers.

Helen Wareham will give ikebana lessons in May at the Hutt Art rooms in Lower Hutt. Ikebana International is sponsoring this and also providing an ikebana arrangement as part of the Minoh Sister City Exhibition. During the month of May there will be an exhibition of pottery by Japanese artists from Minoh City in the Odlin Gallery.

June 11 Sunday 2-4 pm Khandallah Town Hall

Sandi will lead. Theme to be decided.

July 9 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

No meeting this month

August 13 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Elizabeth will lead a workshop. The theme is an interesting one, “Arrangement complementing an Art Work, Book 5, lesson 20. Make an arrangement based on the inspiration given by an art work in its space, either by physically composing with it or expressing a related image with it.

September 10 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Helen will lead a workshop. The theme will now be “Spring Flowers for an Exhibition” as some of you will be exhibiting at the Treehouse, Wellington Botanic Gardens as part of the Spring Festival. Looking forward to seeing your seasonal arrangements.

Saturday 30 September, Sunday 1 October Ikebana Exhibition at the Treehouse, Wellington Botanical Gardens

This weekend Wellington ikebanists will exhibit Spring flowers at the Botanical Gardens as part of the Wellington Spring Festival. This is a good chance to work with your teacher on a special arrangement.

October 8 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Jackie will lead a workshop. Create a basic moribana arrangement from Book 1 or 2 and then swap materials with the person working next to you. Create a second arrangement (may be freestyle) using the new material.

Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 October – Workshops with Takako Martin@Commodore Hotel Christchurch.

Wednesday afternoon, arrangement using drinking straws. Wednesday evening, Book 1 either 13 or 14, Variation no 1 Slanting, moribana or nageire. Thursday morning, Book 5 lesson 4, green plant material only.

November 12 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Helen will lead a workshop. Book 5, lesson 4. “Green Plant Materials”. Focus on the green colour of plants and make an arrangement with only green plant materials.

November, Saturday 18, Sunday 19. Sogetsu Book 5 Training in Sydney

Sogetsu Headquarters in Japan will send a Master to Sydney and Sogetsu New South Wales will host the training. Sandi, Elizabeth, Kathy and Adriana are attending.

December 3 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Adriana will lead a workshop. Book 5, lesson 11. “Arrangements for Celebrations”. Make an arrangement to express the wholehearted feeling of celebration. Show that you, the arranger, joins in the celebration mood by means of ikebana.

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