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2018 February – December


Our monthly meetings are held at the Khandallah Community Town Hall on the second Sunday in most months (2-4 pm).  Please be aware that you may have to drop your materials off at the Hall then move your car a short distance away.  Guests are most welcome. Enquires please to Helen Wareham at Phone: 970 9573 or
Sandra Hurnard at Phone: 970 6809


An annual fee of $25 is charged for associate members (i.e. members who do not pay annual fees to Head Quarters, Tokyo). A $10 fee is charged for each workshop attended to cover the rental costs of the hall and storage cupboard and to subsidise visiting tutor visits. STA members receive notices about STA events and may borrow Sogetsu books and magazines from the library at Khandallah Town Hall. In order to encourage formal qualification, our chapter also contributes to the cost of acquiring Grade certificates.

Check List of What to bring to Monthly Workshops

  1. $10 attendance fee
  2. Branch material
  3. Flowers
  4. Container
  5. Hasami
  6. Kenzan
  7. Water container – for cutting material
  8. Small watering can or Jug – for filling container
  9. Newspaper – for transporting arrangements home
  10. A small towel or cloth for wiping surfaces
  11. Plastic bag or container for cuttings
  12. Wire / pins if needed.
    We will take turns to provide a snack for afternoon tea (a packet of biscuits is perfectly suitable).
February 11 Sunday 2-4pm Khandallah Town Hall

Sogetsu members will be able to view the DVD from Sogetsu HQ in Tokyo on the new Book 5. It shows Sogetsu teachers demonstrating the new lessons in Book 5 and our Headmaster, Akane Teshigahara also talks about the new lessons. Container sale.

March 11 Saturday at 2-4 pm after AGM at 1:30pm

Demonstration of Japanese Tea Ceremony and Chabana (tea ceremony flowers) by Satomi, who is a teacher of both tea ceremony and ikebana. Please bring  small container and simple garden or roadside flowers.

April 8 Sunday 2-4 pm Khandallah Town Hall

Sandi will demonstrate from Book 5. A seasonal arrangement for autumn, using fruit and/or berries.

May 13

No meeting today as it is Mother’s day.

Weekend 26-27 May (dates to be confirmed)

A special workshop with Emily Karanikolopoulas. Emily is a Riji ranked Sogetsu teacher visiting us from Melbourne especially to lead some workshops for us.

June 10 Sunday 2-4 pm Khandallah Town Hall

Matariki or mid-winter Christmas. Your interpretation of these events. Kathy will lead.

July 8 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Theme to be decided.

August 12 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Theme to be decided.

August 25 Saturday to Tuesday 28th

Sogetsu Auckland’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Master instructor Ken Katayama is coming to Auckland and will demonstrate ikebana and conduct workshops. There will be an exhibition of members’ work.

Sunday 9 September 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

A theme from the master’s workshop in Auckland. Elizabeth will lead.

October 14 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Theme to be decided.


November 11 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall

Theme to be decided.

December 9 Sunday 2-4 Khandallah Town Hall



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