Sogetsu School



In 1927 when practicing Ikebana meant following established forms, Sofu Teshigahara recognized Ikebana as a creative art and founded the Sogetsu School.  Although Sogetsu is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition it is outward looking in order to meet the requirements of the modern age.  Today Sogetsu is one of the top 5 school of Ikebana in Japan and is one of the most popular schools of Ikebana being taught in 64 countries worldwide. Visit their website for more information


Satomi demonstrating Sogetsu


“Flora gifted from the Sea”

In 1976-77 Ikebana enthusiasts established the Wellington Branch of the Sogetsu Teachers’ Association with the aim of encouraging and supporting teaching of Sogetsu in the Wellington area. Membership is open to students as well as teachers. Meetings are held at the Khandallah Community Town Hall between 2-4 pm on the second Saturday of most months. New members are warmly welcomed.

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Sogetsu 2011 Khandallah Town Hall