September 2016 Newsletter

by on 21 Aug 2016

Dear Ikebana Members,

It was super to have Ellen Loader join us from Christchurch both to talk about her Ikebana background and demonstrate for us. Have you all enjoyed creating arrangements using camellias?

I do hope you have been able to enjoy this lovely spell of calm fine weather we have been blessed with following the very cold spell we had a few weeks back.  Such lovely mornings have even inspired me to go walking around the neighbourhood but minus my trusty secateurs.  The local berms displayed a very tempting smorgasbord of late camellias, early rhododendrons, japonica and daffodils not to mention daphne bushes perfuming the morning air so it was just as well I went empty handed.

Some of you have already had a practice session of your Exhibition creations under the guidance of Elizabeth.  Thank you for your time Elizabeth and also for volunteering to host the next monthly workshop.  Even if you think you have your “creation” sussed, this will be an invaluable time to revisit and refine your arrangement or become inspired if not.  For those not planning to Exhibit, do join us and watch and learn.  Many of us will be delighted to have a helping pair of hands especially on the day. I will also have available brochures and posters for you to hand around to friends or display in suitable venues. Morning tea will be served by the Committee so please RSVP by email.

The Dowse Exhibition will be a big investment for our Chapter!  We are expecting to outlay about $3000 -$3500 on this event. You will appreciate we do need your active support to make our investment a success. For those of you providing an arrangement, the Chapter will reimburse you up to $70 per arrangement based on submitted receipts which can include flowers purchased for your practice session.  But please note “No receipts no refunds”. Please submit these to Julie Woolf following the setup on Thursday 29 September preferably in an envelope. Also ensure that your name is printed on the receipt otherwise Julie won’t have a clue who to refund. The teachers demonstrating on Friday 30 September, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October, will also have the cost of their materials refunded.

We will be joined by 3 out-of-town members Jill and John Comerford-Parker who are both Ikenobo School devotees and their teacher Noriko Shimobaba. Please make them welcome.  Noriko will be giving demonstrations and I know there will be lots of interest in these.

I have spoken with Takako Martin.  As you may already be aware, her husband died last month. He was a supportive and loving husband but had been very ill for most of this year. Takako would like to advise our members that the Sogetsu Teachers Auckland Branch will be holding their annual Exhibition on 15th and 16th October at Eden Garden. Wellington visitors are very welcome.

I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday 1 September Elizabeth’s home, 64 Ludlam St.

Kindest regards to you all,
Sandi Hurnard

Ikebana International Chapter #158
The Exhibition program of events is at follows.

Thursday 29 September Dowse Gallery between
10 am – 12:30
Setup of Arrangements.

Each arrangement will be allocated the equivalent of a half tressle table if possible.

Elizabeth McMillan, helped by Helen Wareham will assign you a spot. You may be asked to move the arrangement as Elizabeth harmonizes the overall effect.
  Dowse Gallery

1 pm

The doors will open to the Public You must be finished and have all your debris removed from the room at this time!
  Dowse Gallery

3:30 pm – 5pm

Official Opening Dignitaries local plus from the Embassy will be invited to join us. Afternoon tea will be served. We hope you will be able to attend
  Petone Restaurant


Restaurant Meal for our Members and family Venue still to be arranged.  Please note you will need to pay for your meals.
Friday 30 September

Saturday 1

October and Sunday 2 October

Dowse Gallery 10am – 5 pm Room open to the Public Members needed to volunteer to
(a) answer questions from the public
(b) distribute pamphlets
register interest

(c) Contact Exhibitors if arrangements require attention

Friday 30 September

Saturday 1

and Sunday 2 October

Dowse Gallery daily at
* 10:30 am
* 1:30 pm
Demonstration by Qualified Member Teacher Small demonstrations will take place twice daily.  Assigned teachers will create 2 or 3 arrangements and talk about their School of Ikebana.
Sunday 2 October 1pm at Botannical Gardens Public Lessons Elizabeth will be taking these assisted by Maria and Helen.
Sunday 2 October Dowse Gallery 4:30 pm TAKE DOWN Exhibitors are required to remove their own Exhibits unless they have organized someone else to do so by previous arrangement