September 2014 Newsletter

by on 5 Sep 2014

Dear Ikebana Members,

I wish you all could have been at the Japan Day festival at the TSB Arena last Saturday the 23rd. It was such a fun day with entertainment from 1 o’clock until 6pm. Some food stalls ran out of food and the crowds were a bit of a crush at times. Having the tea ceremony, mochi pounding, Kyudo, kid’s Sumo and origami upstairs was good as there were plenty of organisations downstairs either selling or giving things away. But the 12 Ikebana arrangements created to co-ordinate with the photos produced by the Japan Society were best of all. So many people filled in the competition form, choosing the arrangement they liked the best. The 300 forms printed were quickly completed three quarters into the day. A large Ikebana arrangement looked lovely against the black partitions which Kathy and Fleur did and could not be missed by anyone leaving. I only heard good remarks about the Ikebana and everyone involved in any way should be proud of their efforts. Thank you all.

Now we have another event incorporating Ikebana early in September at the Academy of Fine Arts. Their Spring Show of paintings has a theme of ‘Flora, Fauna & Floribunda’ and they have asked us to have some Ikebana arrangements on show as well. Again this will fall heavily on our Sogetsu teachers but it was decided 2 arrangements would be possible. The arrangements would be changed every 5 days due to heating and flowers wilting. Because this show runs from Sept. 6th – Oct. 1st we have decided to move our monthly meeting day from the first Thursday (Sept.4th) to Thursday the 11th and meet inside the Academy at 10:30. After a good look around we will then go on to have lunch or coffee together. So please do join us for an enjoyable social time.

Later in September the city council has again asked if Elizabeth McMillan and helpers could do an Ikebana lesson (workshop) at the Begonia House in the Botanic gardens. This has been a popular activity on the Spring Festival agenda for some years now. So if you are in the rose garden area on Sunday September 28th do look into the Begonia House.

By now you all should have received the ‘Annual General Meeting – Convocation Notice’ from Japan headquarters. Page 11 has the proxy form which they need completed by as many members throughout the world as possible. Most of us do not know any of the directors on the committee so we should go along with those nominated to do the many jobs. Voting FOR seems the right thing to do. Below your name, date and membership number you will find the directions of how you can return the form. Please make sure it will arrive in Tokyo by September 17th. Your new membership card for 2014/15 is included with this letter.

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and happily looking forward to Spring’s warmth and sunshine as well as flowers.

Yours in friendship through flowers,
Barbara Fowler (President)

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