September 2013 Newsletter

by on 3 Sep 2013

Dear Ikebana Members

Wellington is having an early Spring with so many blossom trees, camellias, magnolias, daffodils and all bulbs showing their colour.  The tuis could not be happier with kowhai trees shedding their golden flowers.  But there still will be Winter days for sure, but not so many.  I do not know how the members in other parts of the country are finding the weather but they would be enjoying Wellington if they were here.

September 5 meeting is in the JICC rooms at 10:30 and we will have the pleasure of our co-patron and Japanese ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Nogawa, joining us.  Brigitte Takenaka-Procter will demonstrate ‘chabana’; arrangements in small containers originally for placement in the tea ceremony room.  They are nageire and are made to appear as though ‘they were picked from a field’.  So bring along a small container with a few wildflowers or grasses.  For the members that keep back issues of the Ikebana International magazines you will find an article on chabana in volume 55 issue 3 (2010-2011) page 67.  It is very interesting and the skill of being minimal could be harder than one thinks. The morning tea will be a bit later than usual and then we will have a turn at chabana.


As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter October will be extra busy with Master Yoshiro Umemura here from Sydney from October 1 to 6.  The highlight of his visit will be on Friday the 4 when a public demonstration will be held. The Sogetsu Teachers Association is hosting a special workshop for the teachers and students of the Sogetsu school all day on Saturday 5. I have printed a ‘flyer’ for those members that receive this newsletter by mail and attached the same flyer to those of you with email.  It would be good if you can print some of these flyers and distribute them to shops or libraries near you.  Also encourage friends and family to join you on Friday afternoon/evening at St. Andrews on the Terrace to see the master’s demonstrations and view other member’s arrangements that will be on display. There will be a $15.00 entry fee with a glass wine or juice and some light refreshments included. If you would like to exhibit an arrangement on Friday the 4 please contact: Sandi Hurnard at 970 6809 or email: .

Please try to come to the September meeting where we can give Mr. Nogawa a warm welcome.

Yours in friendship through flowers,

Barbara Fowler (President)

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