October 2016 Newsletter

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October 2016 NEWSLETTER

Dear Ikebana Members,

I apologise for the tardiness of this newsletter which I should have written some days ago.  The Committee members have been busy with the planning for the Exhibition which opens tomorrow (29) and of course for our practising teachers we have also had to continue with business as usual. This will be our Chapter’s most ambitious activity for several years now and is also a strong financial investment in publicising our organisation and raising its public profile.

There are a number of logistical issues which I would like to inform you about.  There is an unloading bay outside the Dowse entry where you may drop your materials.  You will then need to move your car in to a park and pay space.  Most parks are restricted to 2 hours so if you plan to stay for a full day you may have to park some blocks away but there is also a more official park near the Civic Centre with longer term options.  The website is quoting $2 per hour but the Dowse informed that it will cost $6-$7 for an all-day parking ticket.

The Dowse rooms open at 10 am and then Elizabeth and a few volunteers will organize the tables, so it may be a 10:30 start for many of you. Please be aware that Elizabeth may require you to move your arrangement later in the morning from the space she originally allocates to you. This will be because she will reassess the over-all effect of the arrangements.

The new membership cards for this financial year have arrived and will be handed out to you along with the card version of the membership list. Please wear them and also introduce yourselves to Noriko Shimobaba, and Jill and John Comerford-Parker who are out of town members visiting from Whakatane and Auckland.  They are Ikenobo School exponents and Noriko will be demonstrating on Sunday.

Please clean up your space and remove your rubbish after setting up. It is preferable not to have heaps of buckets and bits and pieces under the tables. If you think your arrangement needs refreshing with new material during the next 4 days please advise Elizabeth, Helen or me and we will advise you what to do about spare materials.  Each morning the arrangements will be checked by a teacher and if necessary topped up with water.

Please have your arrangement completed and space clear by 12:30 pm. We hit the ground running so to speak with Kathy Kerry giving a short demonstration at 1:30 pm.

As stated before, for those of you providing an arrangement, the Chapter will reimburse you up to $70 per arrangement based on submitted receipts which can include flowers purchased for your practice session.  But please note “No receipts no refunds”. Please submit these to Julie Woolf following the setup on Thursday 29th preferably in an envelope. Also ensure that your name is printed on the receipt otherwise Julie won’t have a clue who to refund. The teachers demonstrating on Friday 30, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, will also have the cost of their materials refunded.

The Opening by Ambassador Takata is at 3:30pm on Thursday 29.  The opening will include a short address by the Ambassador and the cutting of a cake. The Mayor of Hutt City, Mr Ray Wallace will also visit us.  Afternoon tea will be served and your help with looking after our guests and making them welcome will be most welcome.  Please wear your name badges as it will make it easier for visitors.

Please remember there will be no meeting Thursday October 6 as we will be in need of putting up our feet. Our next JICC based meeting will be held November 3. I will be letting you know about the Japan Day events (November 26) in my next newsletter.

Kindest regards to you all,
Sandi Hurnard

Ikebana International Chapter #158


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