October 2015 Newsletter

by on 31 Aug 2015



With Takako Martin

VENUE:            Wilton Bowling Club, 122 Wilton Road, [near Otari]
DATE:              Thursday 8th October 2015
COST:              Members $40 for 2 workshops. Non-member surcharge will apply.

Visiting Tutor
Takako Martin will be visiting Wellington in October. She is a popular and gentle tutor and the highest qualified Sogetsu Teacher in New Zealand.

START TIME: Please be at the venue early as possible as the workshop will start promptly. The doors open at 9:00 am. Tea and coffee available.

DINNER: There will be a group dinner to thank Takako at ‘Spirit House’ Miramar on Thursday evening 8th October (each person to pay the restaurant on the night)

WORKSHOP 1 10 am to 12:30


Flowers and Greenery included in cost.

Create an arrangement from the materials provided for you. You will need to bring your own container, kenzan, and hasami. The cost of this workshop will provide you with materials for one arrangement only.
CLEAN UP 12.30pm

1:30 pm

Paper Bag lunch and hot beverages provided for those attending both workshops. Preparation for WORKSHOP 2
WORKSHOP 2 1.30pm to 3:30pm Create an arrangement using material in the same tonal range –[Book 3 lesson 8 if you have Sogetsu textbooks. Don’t worry if you don’t but read the following hints carefully.]
Ideally your arrangement will need 3 or more different materials and/or flowers. First look at the plant materials of a similar colour carefully. You will find that although they share similar colours they will vary in twig habits, flower shapes etc so should be well-balanced in volume. Your foliage should also compliment the flowers you choose. E.g. silver leaves look good with blue flowers, whereas bronze shades look good with warm colours. Only fresh plant materials should be used for this subject. If possible, pick up the colour of your flowers in your choice of container.
PACK UP 3:30 -4pm Please help with the clean up

What do I bring?

  • hasami, and/or secateurs and scissors
  • kenzan – a suitable kenzan for your container
  • Special equipment – wire, pliers, saws for branches.
  • Containers – A moribana or nageire container for each workshop
  • Materials branches and flowers for Workshop 2. See below
  • Extras cloths, water container, newspaper, plastic bag for waste, water jug

THURSDAY NIGHT get together
Members and participants and partners are invited to dine at the “Spirit House” at 1 Park Road, Miramar, on Thursday evening. You will need to pay the restaurant direct – 2 courses estimated cost $40.

As I will be away in September, please contact Helen Wareham if you have queries regarding the workshops (phone 970-9573) or warehams@paradise.net.nz

As Julie our Treasurer will also be travelling in September,
please forward your application and payment by 30 September, 2015 to
Mary-Elizabeth Bayliss, Secretary, Ikebana International,
Apt 9/33 Hobson Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011 or email application to bayliss.home@xtra.co.nz and then preferably Direct Debit your payment .
Cheques should be made out to “Ikebana International Chapter 158”

Direct Payments
PLEASE enter ‘your name’ and ‘Workshop(s)’ in the appropriate slot so our Treasurer can tell that you have paid. Our bank account name and number is ‘Ikebana International Wellington Chapter’ Number 02 0544 0217523 00

I wish to attend the II workshops with Takako Martin on Thursday 8th October 2015

Phone No Mobile
II Number email
WORKSHOP 1 Yes/ No @ $25
WORKSHOP 2 Yes/ No @ $15



Are you a member of our Chapter 158?


If you are not, then add $10 for each workshop you are attending.  


Do you want LUNCH? – included in fee Yes/ No
Do you wish to join us for Thursday night DINNER? Partners are welcome Please indicate Numbers attending
  • Flowers are included in the fee for Workshop 1.
  • Flowers and greenery are NOT included for Workshop 2.

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