November 2016 Newsletter

by on 26 Oct 2016



November 2016 NEWSLETTER

Dear Ikebana Members,

I hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy the lovely Labour Weekend weather. A big thank you to all members, for your fantastic efforts mounting the Exhibition. The Dowse provided an attractive space we felt and it was surprisingly economical. The Committee met on Monday and we had a “de-brief”, assessing the pros and cons of how things went over the 4 days and checking our costs.  These fortunately came in within the projected budget.

Exhibition and promotional events are a big learning curve and it is always useful to know in advance what is likely to work and what isn’t. If you have strong feelings about what worked or didn’t please politely let us know.  I think we should avoid years in which we have a Japan Day exhibition to mount as well, but then we could clash with our “sister-city Sakei” visits which are also regularly scheduled. But it is lovely to hold these events in Spring when flowers are plentiful and also when WOW is on. We did have a number of out-of-town visitors to WOW pay us a visit too.  Perhaps this is a source of interest we could tap in the future.

I appreciate the great efforts our Ikenobo members made to join us and to promote their school.  You will notice a new page being added to our website in the next few months for Ikenobo members to display photos of their work and background about the particular styles that are being shown.  It is hoped that this will tap into other practitioners scattered about the country who could hopefully become Chapter members in the future. It seems to me that the Wellington Chapter needs to become a “New Zealand” wide Chapter to survive long term as our current membership is static and even then this is largely due to out-of-Wellington memberships.

Our attention must now turn to staging the Japan Day Exhibition.   This will be held at the TSB arena on Saturday 26th November and we will need people to exhibit.  After some discussion, it was decided to make the theme of “Roses” and because of this Elizabeth, Helen, Kathy and I will demonstrate 1 arrangement each at the next workshop on 3rd November at JICC [10:30 – 12:00].  We will also have a discussion about what will be required and plan for a practice run later in the month.  Valerie has a useful contact in the “rose” industry and should be able to provide us with a cheap source of roses later in November which should bring down the cost of mounting another Exhibition.

Kindest regards to you all,

Sandi Hurnard
Ikebana International Chapter #158


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