November 2015 Newsletter

by on 2 Nov 2015

Dear Ikebana Members,

Weren’t Takako Martin’s workshops great fun and very informative. I think these were some of the best workshops we have had but perhaps I am biased. Takako wrote to me and commented that, “it was a pleasure to see the improvement in the Wellington Ikebana level” and I agree. Some lovely work was produced by our members and I think you should all be proud of what you achieved.

My last few weeks have been very busy since my return from Europe. There were no opportunities for ikebana but I was very impressed with some of the materials growing in the lanes and woods. It was autumn and the berry branches were very colourful and plentiful.

On the other hand it was lovely to return to wonderful cherry blossom, magnolia, wisteria and spring tulips in Wellington. Helen Wareham gallantly led two workshops on behalf of I.I. at the Botanic Gardens on 4th November. She was assisted by Maria, Flo and myself. Unfortunately, while there were 32 enrolments for the classes, only half this number of people showed up on the day. We will endeavour to tighten up administration and issue reminders to people if at all possible but the programme is advertised and run by the Wellington City Council and therefore our hands are tied.

Next month [10:30-12:00 on November 5th at JICC] Helen Wareham will lead the workshop on “vertical” arrangements. The emphasis here will be on incorporating taller flowers than usual such as delphinium and larkspur or lily so that the top of the arrangement is the focus of the arrangement. Bring a vase, kenzan and hasami (pincushion) along with a cloth and plastic bag for your off-cuts.

Our committee met last week and put in several hours hard work planning next year’s programme. We now have a draft schedule for 2016 though it will be subject to fine tuning. Once we have confirmed activities and dates, you will receive a copy for your convenience. We will break for 2 months after the Christmas meeting and our first meeting of the New Year will take place on March 3rd. As many people are out of town over the summer months it would not be worthwhile having our meeting in early February.

The Committee also made a decision about our December end-of-year activity. It was decided to cancel the proposed visit to Martha’s pantry due to the cost to our members and difficulty with parking. Elizabeth McMillan has once again generously offered her home at 64 Ludlam Street, Seatoun, as the venue for a Christmas themed morning tea. You will be informed of the details in my Christmas newsletter.

And on that cheerful note about the fast approaching Christmas Day, I wish you all the best with your Christmas shopping, cake baking and end-of-year activities.

Sandi Hurnard

President Chapter 158
Ikebana International

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