November 2013 Newsletter

by on 30 Oct 2013

Dear Ikebana Members
October has been such a busy month and as you know Nanette died on September 17th which is a great loss for our Wellington chapter. Her funeral on Sept.23rd had a large attendance with many tributes warmly delivered by her close family members. Tributes to her can be seen on:  If you do not have access to a computer perhaps a family member or friend could print them out for you. Sandi Hurnard and Helen Wareham each did a lovely Ikebana arrangement displayed in the Wellington Cathedral and the Loaves and Fishes on the day of the funeral.

The preparation of gathering material, containers and flowers filled the days prior to Yosh’s demonstration on October 4th. It was a most successful evening with the 80 that attended marvelling at the large number of arrangements he was able to complete in just over 1 hour. The exhibition put on by the Sogetsu teachers and students was very impressive too and added to the whole event. We appreciated the time given by His Excellancy Mr. Nogawa, our co-patron, in opening the demonstration. Thank you again, Sandi, for the thorough organising of the whole evening. It was such a wonderful show that I am sorry for those that were unable to attend as they missed something special.

Following the busy Friday the Sogetsu teachers and students had 2 workshops on Saturday with Master Umemura. Sunday October 6, saw Elizabeth McMillan and Helen Wareham at the Begonia House in the Botanic gardens holding a beginners workshop for 16 members of the public. This has been a long standing part of the Spring Festival and one Nanette was always involved in. Again, how she will be missed.

Our November 7 meeting will be a field trip out to the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt. We are meeting inside at 10:30 and there are 4 different exhibitions to see: 1) The Cabinets: Peeking into the Collection 2) Eve Armstrong, Rise (sculptures and collages) 3) Home Sewn: original NZ fashion and 4) Come as you are: jewellery, sculpture, paintings. This should be a very different morning followed by lunch at the Sweet Vanilla Cafe. Please join us, especially those of you that live in the Hutt Valley.

Yours in friendship through flowers,
Barbara Fowler (President)

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