May 2016 Newsletter

by on 28 Apr 2016

Dear Ikebana Members,

A very big thank you must go to Elizabeth McMillan, who lead us through our April workshop.  She guided us successfully through creating gift arrangements in portable plastic containers. Given that these only cost a few dollars the result was delightful and inspirational and great fun to work with. It would have been a treat to receive any of the containers members created. The morning was a great success and I think we could repeat this exercise in years to come.

Collapsible vase

AGM Meeting at JICC on 5 May 10:30-12

Our AGM falls at our next meeting and I realize this is not a favourite event of the year for you to attend.  However it is vitally important that you do so for two very good reasons.  The first obvious one is that we need a quorum to vote for committee members and officers.  The second reason is that we need to discuss issues and plans that affect our organisation. Without this time together the committee cannot truly know what you like or dislike about our group. Also the committee needs to be able to bring to your attention issues that will impact on our future existence.

I have appointed Helen Wareham as Nomination Officer. Where Chapters have the luxury of large membership and representatives of various Schools of Ikebana vying for positions on the Committee, this role needs to be held by a non-partial person with good judgement. We do not have a large membership, quite the contrary, and sadly few schools of ikebana are represented amongst us but Helen still plays a very important role.  She will ensure that people have the opportunity to support our Chapter by volunteering their time and efforts on the Committee.

This will now include members from outside the Wellington Region.  In the past, our Constitution did not allow us to have members who were resident outside the Wellington Province, but this has now changed.  And just as well given that we are now the sole surviving Chapter in New Zealand.  Fortunately, modern communication and cheaper air fares allow us to form a community throughout the country. Chapter #158 is really Ikebana International New Zealand!

You may be aware that Ikebana has had a tradition of making an annual donation to a charity.  In the past we had a link with Ronald McDonald House when members regularly provided arrangements but this was some time ago and we now have the opportunity to think about possible alternatives.  If we can gift to a charity which can also promote Ikebana then that would be ideal.  We would welcome your suggestions which you can email to- or bring your ideas to the AGM.

I strongly encourage you to come to our AGM and catch up with your Ikebana friends.  We hope to have time to play another of the discs from the Potsdam Regional Ikebana Conference.

Sandi Hurnard

President Chapter 158
Ikebana International


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