March 2017 Newsletter

by on 2 Mar 2017

Dear Ikebana Members,

February has been a month of highs and lows. A definite high was the visit last week of Eiko Takechi, Kaori Sharkey’s mother. A dozen of our members attended and Eiko gave us a very interesting Ikenobo demonstration and then most of us participated in a delightful exercise combining origami papers with ikebana which Kaori and Eiko had organised for us. This was great fun and would be a great idea for introducing young children to ikebana.

Then sadly last Friday Mike Wareham died. I cannot speak more highly of how supportive Mike was over the decades to Helen’s involvement in ikebana. A generous and hospitable person, he always made visitors to their Mt. Victoria home welcome and committed much of his own time to entertaining ikebana visitors. Mike was an artist and would often sit quietly in the corner of workshops when visiting tutors were in town and whipped up water-colours with surprising ease.

For our April meeting, a trip to Maria Cullen’s and Barbara Fowler’s gardens is planned. This will be subject to the weather of course. I won’t be here to join in what promises to be a happy and interesting outing. I will instead be in Tokyo attending seminar-classes at the Sogetsu School. I will then proceed to Britain and Amsterdam and I don’t return until 3 May.

4 May Meeting

This meeting was discussed at some length at our recent Committee meeting as usually the AGM and election of the new Committee takes place at this time. However, several problems arise this year.

  • Sandi will be away all April and only returns the day before the meeting.
  • Our Treasurer Julie Woolf has on-going health issues and is scheduled for 2 months treatment at Christchurch during March and April. She cannot be expected to have the accounts ready.
  • Several of the Committee wish to resign (Sandi, Liz and possibly Maria) and finding replacements and someone to step into the role of President is looking extremely unlikely.
  • For obvious reasons, Helen Wareham will not be in a position to act as Nominating Director.

It was decided to delay the AGM for one month and hold a workshop with the theme “Arrangement in Blue”

1 June Meeting – AGM This will be an important meeting focusing on the future of our Chapter. If possible, elections will take place for a new Committee. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is for you to attend so we can make decisions on the future of our Chapter.

9 March Meeting

Remember that on Thursday 9 March at Wilton Bowling Club I have arranged for Takako Martin to come and take a class for us. .Our workshop has as its theme “Arrangement in a box(es)”. This will take place on March 9 at the Wilton Bowling Club. Can you please be there no later than 9:30 a.m. There will be no charge for those of you who are members of our Wellington Chapter #158 but a charge for non-members [$25]. We can provide a paper-bag lunch but there will be a $12 charge and you will need to book this ahead of the time. The details of the workshop are on the following page.

Sandi Hurnard

Ikebana International Chapter #158

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