March 2013 Newsletter

by on 12 Mar 2013

Dear Ikebana Members,

What a great summer we have having. I even have tomatoes ripening in the garden – unlike last year when they stayed green until April.

7 February Meeting – Valentines Day Themed Workshop

Our first meeting for 2013 was a workshop lead by Sogetsu teacher Satomi Takahashi on the theme of Valentine’s Day. Satomi showed us some very creative ideas for using the mizuhiki cord and all participants rose to the challenge of using new containers and material.

We were pleased to welcome four guests at this meeting, and some of them are joining us as new members.

Erris has posted some great photos of this workshop and our other recent events on our website:

Do have a look at these photos. The ikebana has photographed very well and the look of concentration on our faces is very entertaining. Sandi has also updated the Sogetsu section of the website and there are lots more photos there, together with the Sogetsu Teacher’s Association programme for 2013.

7 March Meeting – Japanese Wedding Kimono

At our March meeting Chapter member Carol Toner will show us items from her extensive collection of Japanese goods, in particular her collection of wedding kimono and obi. Carol and her husband have visited Japan many times and import goods for their business, “Made in Nippon.” We look forward to seeing the beautiful fabrics and hearing some of the history of the weddings; this will be exotic morning learning about another Japanese art.

4 April – Ikebana Promotion Day

On April 4 we will meet at JICC to enjoy demonstrations by members of the ikebana schools represented in our Chapter. There will be arrangements demonstrated from the Ikenobo and Koryu – Shotokai classical schools and the modern Sogetsu School. This is an interesting way to compare the schools, as they all have a similar basic form but have developed in different directions over the years.

Nomination Forms for Chapter Board

It is still a few months until our Chapter AGM in May, but it’s time to start thinking about next year’s officers. In accordance with our Constitution, nomination forms for the Chapter Board will be available at our meeting on 7 March and also at our April meeting. I am hoping that the current Board members will stand again, but new committee members are always welcome.

Subscriptions for 2013 – 2014

As the Ikebana International year was changed last year to a 1 July to 30 June year, we need to collect members’ subscriptions in May and June. The Chapter Board has decided to keep the annual subscription at the same level of last year, i.e. $70 for the full year. (Members will recall that the payment last year was a one-off $60, as in the date-change year we paid a 10 month sub).

As in past years, the $70 is not enough to cover the full amount of the international subscription, so the Wellington Chapter will subsidise.

Important Dates for your Diary

This year we plan to have visits from two ikebana masters. Takako Martin from Auckland will conduct workshops for our Chapter on Thursday 6 June and Yoshiro Umemura from Sydney will visit us on 3 October. Make sure you keep these dates free for some creative ikebana ideas.

Yours in friendship through flowers,

Helen Wareham (President)

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