June 2015 Newsletter

by on 4 Jun 2015

Dear Ikebana Members,

Our AGM meeting was held at All Saints Church Hall, Hamilton Road, Haitaitai, following Christopher James’ workshop and lunch. Participants had a choice of creating arrangements using berries, nuts or fruits or one incorporating succulents. Many of you commented on how you appreciated the gentle and constructive feedback Christopher gave. We all learnt lots.

Barbara led the AGM and Election. Sadly she decided it was time to stand down from the Committee as did Helen (our Treasurer) and Judy Grocott, another committee member. Fortunately, Yoko Shafi and Maria Cullen have joined the Committee and I have taken on the role of President. Over the past four years that I have been with Ikebana International I have found the knowledge that Barbara and Helen brought to the Committee to be invaluable and it was with great trepidation that I have taken over as President. Mary-Elizabeth is holding the fort as Secretary for another year and this is a great help to me in particular.

We have a great team on board and already have managed to hold two sub-committee meetings. The first was to set a program of ‘Activities’ for our monthly meetings. You will be sent this and I am sure that you will be impressed with the variety of activities we have planned for you.

The second meeting was looking at Financial Planning for our Chapter and with no-one to fill Helen’s shoes as Treasurer, I confess to being in a bit of a panic.  Fortunately, a close friend of Erris Thomson’s, Julie Woolf, has kindly offered to “have a go” as our Treasurer. Wellington being the small city it is, both my husband and I know Julie who is a very competent and honest person. Helen is helping the handover of the treasury functions to Julie which will take a few weeks.

Julie is joining Ikebana International but confesses to knowing nothing about ikebana at all. Please make her very welcome at our meetings. We have also received another 2 applications to join our Chapter, which is very encouraging as a number of our older members have reluctantly left.

On a sadder note, we have been contacted by Fred Hollingworth who most of you will remember from the workshop he took several years ago. Fred is very ill and won’t be renewing his membership and we are upset to learn of this bad news.

June is the month we need to send our yearly subscription to I.I. headquarters in Tokyo. We have already received subs from many of you but if you are still to do so please make that payment by cheque or direct payment to our bank account: Ikebana International Wellington Chapter, number 02 0544 021752300. Please be sure to record your name in the subject area and ‘annual sub’ elsewhere.

Alternatively, the cheque can be sent to me if you haven’t already popped it in the post to Helen.

Sandra Hurnard, 71 Onslow Road, Khandallah, 6035

And finally, what is planned for the June meeting! Many of you will remember Cornelia Wanninger, who is a former pupil of mine. Cornelia had to return to Germany last year but in August 2014 she attended the Regional Ikebana International Conference held at Potsdam (near Berlin). She has kindly sent us copies of the Iemoto workshops and DVDs of the Grand Demonstration. These Demonstrations are entertainment on a grand scale and I am sure you will be impressed with the performance covered in ‘When You Wish Upon Flowers’. So bring your coffees and come prepared to be entertained.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 4th June at 10:30 a.m. at JICC.

Yours in friendship through flowers,
Sandra Hurnard


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