July 2016 Newsletter

by on 28 Jun 2016

Dear Ikebana Members,

It is always interesting to learn about the origins of ikebana so a big thank you to Val Ting, who both talked and demonstrated to us at our last meeting. Val covered the principles of the School “Koryu Shohtoh-Kai which is one of the original schools of ikebana. Val then used a variety of New Zealand materials in moribana Koryu arrangements (using flax, fern, rangiora, kawakawa).  A number of our members then created a similar moribana arrangement themselves guided by Val.

Arrangements for the Exhibition [29 September to 2nd October] are progressing.  We plan to have pamphlets for our members to hand out to friends, libraries and cafes etc. ahead of the event. As we would like all our members to participate fully and not leave everything to the “Teachers” may I suggest you consider taking a few refresher lessons between now and the “Big Event”?

Elizabeth McMillan will lead our next meeting [10:30 July 7th at JICC] which will be based on “prolonging the life of flowers and foliage”.  I am sure this will be a very useful talk for all of us.  There is nothing more disappointing than to see your beautiful material wilt before your eyes. This is a real hazard in warmer weather and some flowers and new greenery is prone to not last as well as others.

As you will be aware, our membership has dropped for a variety of reasons.  I am pleased to report that a couple of new members have come aboard but do approach friends and relations who might be interested in joining our Chapter.

I look forward to seeing you all in “Friendship through Flowers”.

Sandi Hurnard
Ikebana International
President Wellington Chapter #158


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