July 2015 Newsletter

by on 29 Jun 2015

Dear Ikebana Members,

Our meeting was a little different this time but I know that the 15 members who attended really enjoyed the morning. Thanks to help from Tamae McPhee who ran the overhead projection, we viewed wonderful photos from the 8th European Regional Conference of Ikebana International held in Potsdam (near Berlin) in August last year.

My talented ex-pupil Cornelia Wanninger, had kindly arranged for the DVD of the Grand Demonstration by Akane Teshigahara (Iemoto of Sogetsu) and also 3 CDs of photos of the Iemoto Workhops, Conference Events and the Ikebana Exhibition. There was much to inspire us and we all cheered when Cornelia appeared in any of the shots, especially when she was wielding her tools. A very big thank you from us all, Cornelia.

I would like to formally thank Barbara Fowler and Helen Wareham for their sterling service to the Chapter’s running over many years. I am finding my way into the role of President and know that I have over-looked a few of the tasks in the past month so please accept my apologies if you have been affected. It just proves what good hands you have been in in years past and how smoothly the Chapter has been run. Thank you also to Judy Grocott who served on the Committee for several years.

I plan to re-visit the duties of our Elected Officers as they are rather dated and perhaps more onerous than they need be. Another important task will be to revisit our Constitution. Please let me know if you would like to be involved in the Sub-committee which will address these issues. You will be advised of any recommendations for change in the constitution or roles as these will need to be formally passed at a Special General Meeting if we want to introduce them before our 2016 AGM.

Our Committee had a quick get-together to confirm our roles for the up-coming year. As outlined in last month’s newsletter, Julie Woolf is now Treasurer. It is very unusual that a new comer undertakes a major role on the committee but with Helen Wareham standing down from the Committee we were left with a rather large gap in our collective abilities and Julie has gallantly volunteered to carry out this role. We have almost completed the handover from Helen on financial matters. Thankfully Mary-Elizabeth remains in her role as Secretary and is proving invaluable in supporting me. Phew!

The role of First Vice President will be held by Flo Snowden. Flo is heavily involved with other commitments but has kindly offered to fill in for me while I am away in Europe [in September for a month] and also for the end of the year function when I am in Fiordland for a week. Thank you, Flo for coming to the rescue.

Elizabeth McMillan will fill the Second Vice-President role. She will be looking after new enrolments and the Attendance registers. Satomi Takahashi is now Exhibition Chairperson. Satomi will have her hands full as not only is she organising our up-coming exhibition at the Wellington City Library on 27th June (1-4pm), she will be conducting a tea-ceremony at the same venue this coming Saturday (13th June) which you may like to attend.

There is a role titled Publicity and Hospitality Chairperson which is clearly one of the roles that needs revamping. Erris Thomson looks after the Publicity for the Chapter by administrating the website and taking extraordinary photos which we all value greatly. The duties list “providing black and white photographs to the Historian” and “notifying TV and Newspapers” of up-coming exhibitions. Those days are long gone but fortunately the website is targeting an interest group we haven’t necessarily known about in the past and at a very modest cost. Erris doesn’t usually get involved with hospitality though she did organise the purchasing of our lunch at Christopher James’ workshops. Incidentally we plan to move the library [which has been housed at Elizabeth’s garage for some years] back into JICC. This will allow you to borrow books more easily.

The Housekeeping & Hospitality roles will be filled by Yoko Shafi and Maria Cullen. They will ensure that a snack will be available at our meetings, and that we also arrange for monthly raffles. Please let them know if you have something suitable to donate as a raffle prize. I know they will make you feel welcome at our meetings and workshops.

June is the month we need to send our yearly subscription to II headquarters in Tokyo. There are only a few outstanding subs and Erris will notify you if we haven’t a record of receiving yours. Please make that payment by cheque or direct payment to our bank account,:-

Ikebana International Wellington Chapter, number 02 0544 021752300. Please be sure to record your name in the subject area and ‘annual sub’ elsewhere. The cheque can be sent to me if you haven’t already popped it in the post to Helen. Sandra Hurnard, 71 Onslow Road, Khandallah, 6035

Yoshiro Umemura, (who demonstrated for us 2 years ago) has notified me that Marge Hayes passed away last Saturday 6th June 2015 following a very long illness. Marge was one of the late Norman Sparnon’s earliest students in Sydney and later became a highly regarded Ikebana teacher, Sogetsu branch director and exhibitor.

And finally, what is planned for the July meeting! Brigitte Takenaka-Proctor will lead us all in creating an arrangement using camellia material. These arrangements need not be particularly large as simple arrangements usually show off the beauty of the camellia best. Please bring your container, hasami (secateurs), kenzan or dome stick and a modest amount of camellia material. A cloth and bag for your off-cuts is also useful.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 2nd July at 10:30 a.m. at JICC.   Please purchase a tea or coffee on route to the meeting as we do not have accesss to kitchen facilities.

Yours in friendship through flowers,

Sandra Hurnard
President Chapter 158