July 2013 Newsletter

by on 29 Jul 2013

Dear Ikebana Members

Winter has arrived and the driving rain and howling wind of last Thursday remind us of how fierce it can be. We welcome new members: Sarah Harper, Beverley Baker and Flo Snowden all from Wellington and John West from Auckland. Then we have Christchurch members: Ellen Loader, Fred Hollingworth and Natalie Morgan. Charlotte Morris from Dunedin makes ours quite a ‘national’ chapter this year. It would be wonderful if you all could join us at least once during the year.

The new Japanese ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Nogawa, has accepted our invitation to become a co-patron of our chapter along with Cora Hazlett. We are hoping it won’t be long before he can meet some of you at an event or a meeting.

On June 6, 17 of us had 2 workshops with Takako Martin from Auckland. The morning session involved doing a festive ‘mid-Winter’ arrangement so there was quite a lot of variety to be seen. Takako shared thin strips of gold painted bamboo to enhance our arrangements which we all enjoyed looping in and out of the leaves and flowers. The afternoon session had the Winter theme of ‘branches with ‘fading’ fruit or berries’. We learned to wire on the fruit if it had fallen off to create the right effect. It was a fun workshop and the new members soon found out everyone is at the same level when there is a workshop like this so do try to join us next time.

Though we are delighted to have new members joining our chapter we send a fond farewell to Bernice Aagesen and Margaret Nicholas who have decided to retire.  We wish them both the best.  Tam Chandrtri has returned to Thailand and hopes to join the chapter there.

One of the delights of being a member of Ikebana International is receiving the II magazine 3 times a year. Both Wellington and Lower Hutt libraries have indicated they also would like to receive these magazines. They can now be found in the Serial Section of these libraries so you might like to tell others about them.

Our July 4 meeting  (American Independence Day) is celebrating Japan Day with a demonstration by Keith Lowe of California Garden centre on the art of Bonsai. This should be most informative but do be warned: it is cold in a garden centre at this time of year so wear hat, scarf and gloves. Following that we thought to gather at the Roxy cinema in Miramar and enjoy a sociable lunch at the Coco Cafe. Please come and join us.

Now that we have passed the shortest day of the year we can look forward to more sunshine. Winter brings its own beauty to the garden and camellias are just one of the shrubs that give colour and form to the most simple arrangements. No matter what the weather is outside we can have pleasure in our own creations at home.

Yours in friendship through flowers
Barbara Fowler (President)

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