July 2012 Newsletter

by on 2 Aug 2012


Dear Ikebana Members,
Oh dear, winter has arrived. It was quite a shock to come back to the last autumn leaves on my cherry trees after seeing the fresh green leaves and lovely spring blossom in Japan in May.

Our meeting on Thursday 7th June was held at Nanette’s home in Hataitai. She demonstrated Koryu Shotokai classical and modern ikebana and had many beautiful arrangements on display. Nanette provided some warming tea and coffee and Mary-Elizabeth made delicious sandwiches. Barbara baked her special Feijoa Loaf and several members asked for the recipe – I have printed it at the end of this Newsletter.

Nanette demonstrating

We will return to JICC for our meeting on July 5th and will hear from Helen Wareham and Brigitte Takenaka Procter about their recent visits to Japan for the Ikebana 10th World Convention and Sogetsu post convention workshops. The World Convention was attended by nearly 800 II members from countries all over the world. It made me realise what a diverse international organisation we belong to and how interesting it is to be part of such a friendly group of people. The meeting will start at 10.30 and Helen and Brigitte will start their talk at 10.45. We will provide some nibbles, but do remember to buy a hot drink before you come up to Level 18.

Our meeting on 2 August will be a workshop lead by Fred Hollingworth, an Ichiyo School teacher from Christchurch. Fred attended the Ikebana International World Convention in May and exhibited at both the Convention and the Ichiyo School exhibition in Tokyo. This workshop will be a good introduction to Ichiyo, before the demonstration by Mr Kasuya at the Kia Kaha Japan Festival on September 9th. We will hold this workshop at St Joseph’s Church Hall, Brougham St, Mt Victoria. Guests are welcome – there will be a small charge for non-members.

This festival will take place at Wellington Town Hall on Sunday 9 September. It is a celebration of all things Japanese and is being organised by the Wellington City Council and the Embassy of Japan, together with local groups such as our Chapter. We will be participating in several ikebana events and II members will be needed to help. Please let me know if you will be available on Sunday 9th September as I am compiling a list of members who would like to be involved.

Long time members will be sad to hear that Vivienne Pascoe has passed away. She was a senior ikebana teacher who supported our Chapter and the Sogetsu teachers for many years from the early 1980s. She would travel down from Tauranga to conduct workshops and demonstrations in Wellington and was always up-to-date with the latest developments from Japan. Unfortunately, Vivienne suffered from ill health in recent years and was unable to visit us. A memorial service to give thanks for her life will be held in Tauranga on Saturday 14 July.

We have been advised that the Ikebana International Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled for June 5th went ahead and the worldwide membership voted to pass a flat international rate of 6000 yen for the annual dues and to adopt the revision of the international bylaws. As a result our subscriptions will now be due in July rather than September. Although this is 2 months earlier than usual I.I. Headquarters have not adjusted the subscription cost for this year.

In recent years our annual subscription has been set at $70 but your committee has decided to set the subscription at $60 per person for the 2012-2013 year. The extra $10 subsidy recognizes that it is our 40th anniversary and will cover the extra two months HQ expects members to pay. With the Subscription set at 6000 yen that means our Chapter is paying a $35 subsidy per member this year. It is expected that next year it will revert to $25 per member.

Please make your payment of $60 by cheque or internet payment as soon as possible.
Cheques should be made payable to – Ikebana International, Wellington Chapter and may be sent to Mrs Barbara Fowler.

Members Nanette Kwok, Barbara Fowler and Colleen Lewis’s daughter, Natalie, collected for Ronald MacDonald House on their street appeal days in June. A total of $759.20 was raised from their efforts. The street appeal funds will go towards finishing the new Ronald McDonald House building opposite Wellington Hospital.
Barbara Fowler and I lead an ikebana workshop for beginners at JICC on the evening of 7 June. This was organised by the Embassy of Japan and was free to participants. There was good feedback from the 15 pupils and the Embassy are planning to hold another workshop on 23 August.

Do contact Helen Wareham or Mary-Elizabeth Bayliss if you have any news you would like to go in the August newsletter.

Yours in friendship through flowers,
Helen Wareham (President)

1 cup peeled, chopped feijoas
1 cup boiling water
1 cup sugar
50g butter
1 egg
2 cups self-raising flour
1 teaspoon baking soda.
Place feijoas, water, sugar and butter in a large pot, simmer for 5 minutes, and then cool slightly.
Beat in egg, flour and baking soda.
Pour mixture into a loaf tin and bake at 180 degrees C for 40-50 minutes.
Yummy plain or even better buttered.


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