Upcoming Events

by on 28 Aug 2012

Kia Kaha Japan Festival

This festival will take place at Wellington Town Hall on Sunday 9 September. It is a celebration of all things Japanese and is being organised by the Wellington City Council and the Embassy of Japan, together with local groups such as our Wellington Ikebana Chapter. Ichiyo School master, Mr Naohira Kasuya will demonstrate Ikebana. We will be participating in several ikebana events and I.I. members will be needed to help.

Maple Leaf

October Ikebana Exhibition

Ikebana International Wellington Chapter will exhibit Ikebana from 12th to 21st October 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Queens Wharf, Wellington. Vases made by members of the Wellington Potters Association will be used and will be available to purchase. Watercolour New Zealand will exhibit with the Potters Association. Free entry. Visit the Academy of Fine Arts.