February 2016 Newsletter

by on 26 Feb 2016

Dear Ikebana Members,

It is hard to believe several months have flown by since my last newsletter and I do hope you have all enjoyed relaxing breaks and have enjoyed this wonderful weather. This has been a summer to remember and I for one have been enjoying the warmer temperatures, unlike my garden. I know most of you will have less strenuous topography to deal with and you will also be much more disciplined with watering. I suspect we will need to employ more drought-resistant plants in the future.

Over the summer Ikebana International activities have continued with visits from fellow I.I. members Ehlin Dahlin, a Norwegian living in [Stockholm Chapter President] , and Els Schnabel [a member of the Biberach/Riss I.I.Chapter 174 in Germany]. Ehlin is Sogetsu trained and Els trained with the Saga Goryu school which is popular in Germany. Both were charming and talented. Our committee members did meet with Ehlin and Yoko, Helen and I met with Els but it would have been wonderful to have them both talk at one of our workshops. Timing did not permit this but as New Zealand definitely features in many Northern Hemisphere members’ travel-plans we will have to encourage visitors to come to us outside the busy 6 week Christmas-January period.

The Committee has already had a Planning Meeting as there have been a number of issues to address. These have included redrafting the Constitution which has been put in the “too hard basket” for some years now. You will appreciate that this is not a thrilling task but has to be done as it is over 20 years since it was last done. Erris, Mary-Elizabeth and I have put in considerable time attempting to trim and realign the current list of tasks of the Committee to an acceptable level. You will soon be sent the draft of our amended Constitution and By-laws for your perusal in the next few weeks and we require your feedback quickly so they can then be presented to Head Quarters for their approval.

We have also had to amend the program for the next few months a little but we will keep you informed. Many of you will remember Pat McCay who was one of our Chapter’s founding members and who did beautiful work. She generously donated a number of moribana vases and Japanese memorabilia to our Chapter. These were first offered to practising teachers and Committee members. Because of the quality of the containers we were determined to get good prices, and to date we have raised $260, a sizeable sum. The remaining goods will be bought to our April meeting at JICC.

March Workshop is a visit to “Shapshifter” outdoor sculpture exhibition. We will meet at 10:30 at Dowse Café this coming Thursday (March 3) for morning tea. The Exhibit doesn’t opens until 11 a.m so once everyone is ready we will adjourn to the exhib which is located at Lower Hutt Civic Gardens adjacent to “The Dowse Art Museum” This year 42 New Zealand artists and over 50 stunning sculptures have been selected to exhibit and I can vouch that this will be a visit you will really enjoy.

For those who may be interested, I have been advised by Peter Anderson of the Japan Society that their March meeting is next Tuesday (1 March) and will be held at JICC, Level 25 Majestic Tower, 100 Willis Street, from 6-7:30 pm.   The Speaker is Professor Margaret Savage talking about Japanese Volcanoes.

It rather looks like JICC has moved floors so expect our April meeting to be at a different location. I will follow this up.

And now for something completely different as the saying goes. I spent a week in the Waikato early in January and visited the Hamilton Gardens which includes a super Japanese Garden which I recommend you visit. Take a look here at these very creative Morrinsville’s herd of cows!

Sandi Hurnard
President Chapter 158
Ikebana International

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