December 2014 Newsletter

by on 10 Dec 2014

Dear Ikebana Members,

Our November meeting never happened. The morning rain was very heavy and the night before had been terribly stormy. We contacted the local members that might have gone so no one made the trip to Eastbourne unnecessarily. Georgina Connolly was very grateful. Thank you to the phoners who covered everyone very quickly.

Now we again have the opportunity to go and see Georgina’s garden on Thursday December 4th at 10:30 – 7/238 Muritai Road, Eastbourne. Our patroness, Cora Hazlett, also lives in Muritai Road and has invited us to have a look at her garden afterwards. Cora has suggested we also visit the studio of Jackie Pearson, a local
artist who does a wide range of paintings. So the morning looks to be full of lovely things to view. We will go to Days Bay Pavilion in Williams Park for lunch. A warm, sunny day is all we ask for now.

At the Japan Festival in August we joined with the Japan Society in a display of arrangements by our members and those taking classes from Sogetsu teachers. The Japan Society supplied photos taken in Japan of places of interest and beautiful setting. Each of the arrangers chose a photo which was then displayed behind their
arrangement depicting a likeness in both of them. The public were asked fill in a form with the one they liked the best. The result of the people’s choice are: 1) Fleur Williams 2) Maria Cullen 3) Helen Wareham. Congratulations to you three and all those that took the time to participate in this display. It was very popular
and a lovely addition to a most successful festival.

If anyone is attending the Waikanae Garden Tour on either January 24th or 25th, 2015 do look out for the Ikebana sculptures at Leonie McLeod’s garden and pond.

The committee have been busy planning the activities for the first half of 2015. We shall have a workshop taken by Satomi Takahaski on February 5th. That being the day before Waitangi Day we have chosen an appropriate theme of western flowers and native greenery.

2014 is quickly slipping by and the festive season is fast approaching. On behalf of our committee I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy remainder of this year and 2015. I think everyone is looking forward to a sunny and ‘windless’ summer. Happy New Year also.

Yours in friendship through flowers,
Barbara Fowler (President)


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