August 2016 Newsletter

by on 29 Jul 2016

Dear Ikebana Members,

Elizabeth McMillan gave us a very interesting talk at our last meeting on “prolonging the life of flowers and foliage”.  She also handed out an extremely useful list of common materials and the recommended procedures to enhance their survival. As Satomi Takahashi has had to withdraw as Exhibition Chairperson for family reasons, Elizabeth has stepped forward and will be orchestrating our Exhibition at the Dowse. Elizabeth is owed a very big thank you by our membership for the time and expertise she generously gives to our Chapter and I know that I for one rely on her a great deal.

The past month has been extremely busy for my husband and me.  We have been busy unpacking and attempting to down-size which is a lot more difficult than it sounds. The big test for me is still ahead as I have to downsize my vase collection even further.  I do have a rather big weakness for bargain containers which I keep discovering at the many Op-shops which abound these days. My imagination runs riot every time I come across treasures of containers which seem to be crying out for ikebana! My advice to you all is to start off loading “stuff” on a regular basis.

This month, Ellen Loader from Christchurch will be visiting us.  She and I will lead a short demonstration of arrangements utilizing camellias and then you will have the opportunity to create an arrangement for yourselves.  Please bring a small container (suiban or moribana preferably) and one or two camellias and any extra material you may require. Don’t forget kenzan, and your hasami and a small plastic bag for your waste material.  Unfortunately, camellia do not travel very well but protective wrapping does help. You can cheat and fix your camellia flowers with a pin though.

I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday 4 August at JICC.

Kindest regards to you all,
Sandi Hurnard

Ikebana International
President Wellington Chapter #158

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