August 2013 Newsletter

by on 29 Jul 2013

Dear Ikebana Members,

We do not have to be reminded that we also live in a ‘shaky’ city.  I hope none of you suffered any damage over the weekend and ground stillness will soon return.  We now are in full sympathy with our Christchurch members.

The July 4 meeting with the bonsai demonstration by Len Coggan, the secretary of the Bonsai Society, was most informative with 20 people attending.  Then 10 members continued on to the Coco Cafe and shared a most enjoyable lunch.

Our upcoming meeting on August 1 will be held at the Japanese cultural centre with a traditional Ikebana theme. Nanette Kwok will show an Ikenobo arrangement while Valerie Ting does a Koryu one.  Then the attending members will try our hand at classical Ikenobo.   We have moribana containers and kensans kept at the centre for you to use but you are welcome to bring your own from home.  The greenery will be supplied but if you could bring 1 flower (like a camellia) that would complete the arrangement. So do join us at 10:30, with coffee for a sociable morning.

August will be a busy month for headquarters in Japan because their AGM is on the Aug. 29.  According to their regulations two weeks prior to the meeting the ballot of nominees for the 2013-14 Board of Directors and related paper will be sent to every member worldwide.  You will receive a proxy form that needs to be returned to Japan immediately.  Be sure to tick ‘Yes’ in the boxes and sign the form.  There is a choice for returning the form by: post (though that could take too long) or email or fax.  In that package there should be an email address or fax number to use for returning the proxy.  If there isn’t please contact me and I will source one.

Our big exhibition this year will happen the first week in October.  The Wellington chapters of Ikebana International and Sogetsu Teachers Association are joining together to host Master Yoshiro Umemura from Sydney.  As well as taking some Sogetsu workshops he will do a public demonstration on Friday Oct. 4.  More details of this event will be sent soon.  We would like our members that are qualified to exhibit on that Friday also. If you are interested in doing that please contact Sandi Hurnard, the exhibition organiser, on 04 970 6809.

In the meantime we hope to see many of you at the meeting on August 1.

Yours in friendship through flowers,
Barbara Fowler (President)

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