April 2016 Newsletter

by on 8 Apr 2016

Dear Ikebana Members,

I am sure you have been all enjoying the wonderful warm weather this past month even if your precious gardens haven’t.  Yesterday, I walked with friends through the local Piwakawaka track and couldn’t help but notice how tinder try the bush was and that even native shrubs like rangiora were shrivelled and dying. I have been woken by the comforting and welcome sound of rain on the roof and hope that it is enough to revive the trees which are now so dry and thirsty.

Our March Workshop visit to “Shapeshifter” outdoor sculpture exhibition was a great success although our numbers were not great.  It was good to catch up with members over a cup of coffee and we all enjoyed the sculptures.  There were some wonderful creations and there is now great competition amongst the artist-sculptures to be accepted at this prestigious event. I find such visits do inspire and influence my ikebana and I am sure other members are similarly influenced.  Erris has posted a number of photos on our website of our visit.

Our visit also proved a good opportunity for several of the Committee members to visit both Odlins Gallery and to meet with Shannyn Boyd of the Dowse to investigate the feasibility of our holding our Annual Ikebana Exhibition in the Hutt area.  I am happy to inform you that we have booked a very attractive space at the Dowse for 29 September [Thursday] to 1 October [Saturday].  I am hoping you will all pitch in and help with staging this.  Even if you don’t wish to exhibit, we will need members to fetch and carry then man the desk over these 3 days.  This is a great opportunity to raise the profile of our Chapter and hopefully attract new members.

I mentioned last month that Erris, Mary-Elizabeth and I had been working on revisiting the Constitution and By-laws. I.I. Head Quarters wish us to adopt the master frame-work which is outlined in the first sections so bear this in mind when you are reading through them.  We have been instructed not to alter this master version apart from filling in a few blanks but to attach any variations we would like to the “Amendments” section.

As we are a small Chapter the formal Constitution and By-laws are more cumbersome and bureaucratic than need be for such a small membership.  We do not distinguish between the “executive” and “board” and have only one Vice-President for example. We have little room for manoeuvre but our sub-committee was keen to put in writing the manner in which we actually operate our Chapter which is not the same as I.I. Head Quarters.  What we have done is to confirm the tasks we carry out and attempt to distribute these fairly amongst the Committee members.

One of our major issues is that our membership is not representative of the different schools of Ikebana as most of us are Sogetsu trained. It is important for us to become more inclusive and that our membership includes other schools.  For this reason, we are delighted to have members of Ikenobo join our ranks even if they are based outside Wellington.  In the next 18 months I would like to have a Master from another school visit us and fortunately we will be able to fund such visits. Do encourage anybody you know or meet who has trained with a different school of ikebana to join us.

Having said that, I am offering evening classes [“Introduction to Ikebana”] at the Lower Hutt Odlins Gallery, beginning in the new term Monday evenings  May 2  – June 13.  Please let any friends who may be interested.

April Meeting at JICC on 7 April 10:30-12

Elizabeth McMillan will lead us in “Creating Gift Arrangements in Portable Plastic Containers”.  We will purchase the plastic containers in bulk so we need to know numbers by Monday April 4 at the latest.  If you wish to attend please contact Mary-Elizabeth [499-7955  bayliss.home@xtra.co.nz ] or contact me. My home phone is 970-6809 email sandra.hurnard@paradise.net.nz or send me a text on 021-498-361. Please bring your own flowers and greenery for an arrangement and of course your secateurs, newspaper or bag for your cuttings and a cloth.

Most of you will have met Tamae McPhee who has been our liaison contact at JICC. She is expecting a baby in April so Melissa Huggins will be looking after us in the coming year.  As the Majestic building alterations are in the final stages I have checked with Melissa about our venue but she assures me that it is still expected to be at our usual meeting room/theatre.

Enjoy your Easter break and travel safely.

Sandi Hurnard
President Chapter 158
Ikebana International.


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