April 2014 Newsletter

by on 1 Apr 2014

Dear Ikebana Members

Hasn’t March been a lovely month weather wise here in Wellington. I am looking forward to the same in April.

Those of us that attended the Shapeshifter outing on March 6th were very impressed with the sculptures and garden setting in Lower Hutt. It is definitely something to attend every 2 years when the Festival of the Arts is on. In addition, while waiting for Shapeshifter to open we wandered over to the Hutt Art Centre & Odlin Gallery and saw an amazing quantity of work by Sheryl Gallagher. To think that 1 woman could draw, paint in watercolour and oil, make jewellery, produce large & small pottery containers and carve and inlay wood objects was unbelievable. I am sure I left out a few more craft items she also did. Following that stimulating morning a small group of us went to lunch at Revive café in Petone. We can highly recommend it for lunch.

Our next meeting, April 3rd, is a workshop I know you all will enjoy taken by Takako Martin from Auckland. We are holding it in a new venue, Wilton Bowling Club, 122 Wilton Rd. Wilton. A flyer of the details has been sent out and if you have not enrolled yet please contact Helen Wareham on (970-9573). We are inviting participants to arrive early, at 9:30, for coffee or tea but be ready to start the workshop at 10 am.
If you have not looked at our ‘online’ II information lately then please do as our committee member, Erris Thomson, has been busy down loading some Australian chapter’s programmes. As well as updating photos from our latest activities, go to : http://www.ikebanawellington.org.nz/about-us/links/

With the departure of daylight savings time on April 6th we know we are ¼ of the way through the year but each season brings something to look forward to in nature. This is the time of beautiful autumn leaves so I hope each one of you are able to enjoy them in the following weeks.

Yours in friendship through flowers
Barbara Fowler (President)


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