April 2012 Newsletter

by on 16 Aug 2012

Dear Ikebana Members,

I am sending this a little ahead of month end, as our April meeting will actually occur on 31 March and 1 April. This will take the form of a public exhibition of ikebana and bonsai at California Home and Garden Centre, 139 Park Road, Miramar. The exhibition will be open from 8.30am to 5pm and there will be Ikebana International members hosting the exhibition all day.

Ikebana teachers will demonstrate each hour from 10am till 4pm and Keith Lowe will demonstrate bonsai care and pruning at 1pm each day. Do come and visit us and encourage your friends to come and see the ikebana. Of course, the garden centre and gift shop will be open and the cafe is a great meeting place.


Bethney McLennan entertained members at our March meeting and gave a fascinating account of her life story as a gardener.

Bethney with members fruit and vegetable arrangements

This photo shows Bethney commenting on the interesting arrangements that members did using fruit and vegetables.


Nanette Kwok held a workshop for pre-schoolers at Miramar Kindergarten and enjoyed seeing the children’s enthusiasm for ikebana.

Members of the Sogetsu Teachers Association exhibited ikebana arrangements at the Khandallah Town Hall for a special concert held on 25 March to celebrate the buildings 100 years. The arrangements were on a patriotic theme of red, white and blue and were much admired by the concert audience. One of the bamboo wall arrangements will be used again this weekend at the California Garden Centre exhibition.


Our May meeting will be held at JICC and will be our 2012 Annual General Meeting. Following the formalities, our Publicity Officer, Erris Thomson will speak about her recent visit to Japan. Erris travels to Japan regularly and it will be interesting to hear a post-earthquake view of life in Tokyo.


An important part of our Annual General Meeting is the election of our Chapter Board for the 2012-2013 year. All of the board members are elected each year by our members and our rules require us to stand down after two years in a role and either leave the Board or be elected to a different position.

Nomination forms will be available at our April exhibition or from our Secretary, Mary Elizabeth Bayliss. I am hoping that the current Board members will stand again, but new members are always welcome.


Nanette, Colleen and I have been attending meetings on behalf of Ikebana International for the Japan Festival, to be held in Wellington in September 2012. The main events will be held at the Wellington Town Hall on 9 September. The City Council is working closely with the Embassy of Japan and various groups in Wellington who have associations with Japan and Japanese activities.

Ikebana activities planned are a public demonstration by a Master from Tokyo and an exhibition combining photographs of Japan with ikebana arrangements. Some of the other activities include taiko drumming, making a 60 meter long sushi roll, tea ceremony and a fashion parade, so there will be something to interest everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you at our exhibition at California Garden Centre.

Yours in friendship through flowers,

Helen Wareham (President)


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